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SACCI Board of Directors

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Anthony Simonski


The president is to provide leadership in directing club operations while keeping focus on the betterment of the breed.  The position is responsible for keeping the SACCI a leader in breed education and the growth of a positive breed image.


Brandy Barbour

Membership Director

The Membership Director keeps all records of membership with the assistance of the secretary. The main duty of the Membership Director is to recruit quality members for the SACCI and spearhead yearly activities of renewal.


Brandon McCluney

Events Director

The Events Director is responsible for planning, assisting, and running SACCI shows and specialties. The events director also assists with maintaining awards records and points.



Breed Education

This director responsible to help educate members and others in the breed specific history and characteristics of the Cane Corso Italiano. In addition this director coordinates and assists in judge’s education and BSL.


Paul Whitman

Vice President

The Vice President's duties include assisting the President in keeping club focus on the betterment of the breed and fulfilling Presidential duties in the Presidents absence.




The Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of all monetary needs of the club. The Secretary accepts and makes payments as per the clubs needs and the BOD direction. It is the Treasurers function to keep the clubs fiduciary needs in highlight.



Media Director

The Media Director is responsible for all fundraising, media and public relations activities. His main goal is to promote the SACCI organization in a positive fashion while using all forms of media to further this. The director also has responsibilities as to fundraising with club support.


Christy Six


The Secretary main duties are to keep membership  informed and to coordinate activities as set up by the BOD. The Secretary also acts as liason between the UKC and the club. The Secretary maintains all records of club meetings and activities.

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