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Code of Ethics 


  • I agree to abide by and uphold the principles of the SACCI Constitution and By-laws and it's     Code of Ethics.

  • I believe and accept that the breed and its welfare is our primary goal and supersede all other commitments to the Cane Corso, whether it is personal, competitive or financial.

  • I will at all times try to be constructive and instructive with my dealing with other members and with the general public.

  • I will strive to help educate all those interested in our breed and it's needs.

  • I will maintain an environment of consistently high standards of care including but not limited to housing, health, nutrition, socialization and training for all dogs owned by me.

  • I will exercise good sportsmanship and be respectful of other exhibitors and their dogs, especially the judges, stewards, show committee and other club members.

  • I will always remember that I am representing the SACCI and that the good of the breed comes before any personal benefits.

  • I understand and accept that signing this Code of Ethics is a necessary requirement for membership in the SACCI. I further acknowledge  that a violation of the Club Code of Ethics may result in severe disciplinary actions, including possible expulsion, to be taken  by the Club.

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