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Kerry Braman

Media Director


My background in the Corso Community began in the late 90’s as I began studying different breeds.  After being involved with Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes, English Mastiffs, Boxers,  I decided to expand my horizon into a different line of working breed. I needed a dog which could be athletic, durable, trainable, stable, confident, majestic, loyal, fierce, all the while being loving as a family protector.  As I began researching different breeds I began to realize I was searching for a well rounded dog which could apply itself to numerous different tasks from predator patrol of the four and two legged variety to a loving family member.  I stumbled upon the Cane Corso and began a query on the breed.  I studied the history of the breed, its depth in historical value, guardianship, ancestry.  The research was limited at that time, but what I learned intrigued my interest to began a pursuit of passion for the breed.   The dog needed to fill a purpose, a job, a task, as my property and surrounding area was being over ran with coyotes.  My current stable of dogs was no match for the Coyotes who could strike and simply run away.  Enter my first Cane Corso, Magnus, who was everything I hoped him to be.  As I watched him grow, I also watched his natural instinct grow as well, he accomplished each task set before him with ease.  Daily I was confounded by his beautiful loving nature, strictly amazed as he dwindled the Coyote population down and eventually out.  He is my foundation of the breed, my heart, my love.  He will always be remembered as my best friend, not only for accomplishing numerous tasks, but saving my life from a mountain lion attack.  Just as my much as I owe my life to him, he devoted his to mine, my family, my heart.  In his memory, I have devoted my life to the breed, which will always be first and foremost to protect the true working historical value of the breed..


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