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Maintaining the true heritage and qualities of working breeds.

The Cane Corso is possibly the ultimate performance dog.  From its humble heritage as a farm dog the Cane Corso has leapt onto the stage as an all around dog.  Its origins go back to Roman War dogs and its delegation as the Italian farm dog.  The farms in the Italian peninsula vary from the mountainous north to the plains of the south.  The historic stories have the breed watching and sometimes droving livestock hunting big game, hunting down brigands and used to guard property. The breed is talked about from the mundane to the heroic.  This plays out in modern dog sport from protection work, agility, obedience, dock diving and almost any sport a dog can participate in.  Heard at speed events “ I didn’t think a dog that size could move that fast “, at protection events “ He hits like a freight train “, and at events that take agility “ I’ve never seen a dog that big move like that “.  The world of performance truly is wide open for the ultimate utilitarian dog.

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