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Premier & Cane Corso Specialty

Premier & Cane Corso Specialty

Kalamazoo, MI

Entries are now open for Premier & Cane Corso Specialty Premier is PRE-ENTRY Only, no exceptions.

ENTRIES OPEN Monday, April 11, 2016. Entries close May 11,2016

Make sure you use ONLY Premier entry form to make sure your entries are processed quickly.

SACCI Cane Corso Specialty June 15; Antonio Raposo

NLC: Novice Puppy, Veteran, ALTERED offered

Day of Show Entries 11:30-12:30 pm

Show to follow the Black Russian Terrier Specialty

DOS $25, NLC $10; PE $20, ALT $10 received by June 5

Make Fees Payable to the Society in American for Cane Corso Italiano

PayPal accepted for Pre-Entries!product/prd12/4509029721/sacci-specialty-premier-pre-entry

Chairperson: Anthony Simonski (770) 827-2712

Send Pre-entries to:

Event Secretary: Jeanne Heger, PO Box 2006, Crystal Lake IL 60039

(847) 638-6716,

Premier Entries Only - SACCI Specialty Entry Form -

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