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Ali Denis - Della Valle degli Orsi Ali

with Marcos Reta


Denis, you are an outspoken man, please tell us is it the you see the state of the breed today, especially in contrast to how it was, when you started.


Well as I've said before ....the breed at this moment does not look great ...I think we are the breed with the most different types, actually I could say that we are 3-4 "breeds" in one breed.A lot of breeders, just ignore the Standard or worse they never read it !!

When one looks at the evolution in the last 50-60 years of the Boxer , Bullmastiff , Rottweiler, these breeds initially they were not dogs with short muzzles or hypertype dogs and yet, now they are ...this happened in a 50-60 year span of time !!  The Cane Corso has done this in 10-15 years. One can only imagine the evolution of cane corso 50 years from now :)I would be more than happy to see this not happen to our breed and that the Italians will fight more for their breed and the Morsiani Standard  ....but if they don't do this....based on what I have seen in the Radunos dell'Anno, I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.


I'd be very happy to be wrong about this....VERY HAPPY!!!



Denis tell us, what attracted you to the breed initially?


This is the dog that I had in my mind, before anything else. The dog that inspired me!! 















I had this type of dog in my head before i ever knew that Cane Corso exists ...strange but is true ....big and athletic dog, strong and powerful, but still elegant, tight skin. I found all that yet, what really conquered me, was the temperament. For me, they are one of the most balanced dog in temperament and surely one of the best family dogs. Of course as with any other breed, it has to be properly socialized and trained.

My personal goals with Cane Corso ....hmm ?!  :D

The fact is that I have not yet produced my "ideal" dog. I think is going to take me a while, I'm very demanding when it comes to my dogs and breeding program.

I would like to work with my ideas and to have a line that would be easy to recognize as " DVDOA" dogs.

I'd like to constantly produce females around 64-65 cm with good substance, correct head type, still feminine and elegant. They would produce males around 69 cm with strong bones and construction. The movement to win a BIS and an expression so strong, that it demands respect just by looking into your eyes. Tight and dark eyes! :-) A reverse scissors bite, functional dogs, both mentally and physically.

Another goal is to participate in a Westminster show with a dog that I produced and to personally handle him :)

I don't know why but I'm very attracted to this show! :-D



What impresses you from a breeder?


I'm impressed by breeders who can constantly produce big, strong females without loosing the type and feminine qualities in this females. It also impresses me when a breeder who starts with a line that one does not appreciate much yet, after he starts to work with his ideas and breeding, he achieves some really really nice dogs in his program.

I'm NOT impressed however with breeders who go to the shows and promote as a correct their big Champion even though, he/she knows is not a good dog. The most important should be the breed and the Standard.



What are your personal favorite dogs?


At this moment I like a lot Castleguard High Voltage and Italica's We Didnt Start the Fire. I do have some of my dogs on that list, but I will not name them. :-)



That is an interesting name DVDOA, what does it mean?


Funny of you to ask me :)  

My kennel name is Della Valle degli Orsi Ali ...and DVDOA are the initials  !!

The translation would be The Valley of Ali's Bears :D 


Which has been your most rewarding experience with the Corso. 


No doubt, the most satisfying moment was in 2009 when I won with Ninette the World title for the first time!!!

For a small breeder from the eastern most corner of Romania, it was really hard to dream to such thing ...

I also was honored by the Spanish CC club asking me to judge, they wanted my opinion as a breeder. The feeling was great. Afterwards, I think could help the breed even more as a judge. I liked the experience.


Thank you very much for your time and answers. Good luck Denis.



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