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Premier Shoutouts

To our conformation winners at Premier

Wednesday SACCI Specialty - BOB - Legion's Ashirah

BOB Altered - Rellim's Buttercup

Best NL Puppy - StoneHeart's Life of Pi

Thursday Top 10 - BOB & Qualified for Finals - Massimo Di Pharaoh

Friday BOB & Group 3 - Rellim's Willow

BOB Altered & Group 1 - Rellim's Buttercup

Saturday BOB & Group 3 - Massimo Di Pharaoh

BOB Altered & Altered Best in Show - Rellim's Buttercup

Sunday BOB & Group 1 - Rellim's Willow

BOB Altered & Group 1 - Rellim's Buttercup

To our Performance Qualifiers at Premier Legion's Ashirah - Total Dog Qualifier, Total Dog Guardian Group 2, URO1 title;

Scores 99, 90, 96

Mar E Sol's Tesla Della Legion - RATO title, RAT two high in trials, two dock diving Q's; longest 10.6, two lure coursing Q's

Mar E Sol's Lucretia Della Legion -Two Q's Lure Coursing

Italica's Mickey Means Business - Total Dog Qualifier

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