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Congratulations to the top ten UKC Cane Corsos!

SACCI congratulates the owners of the top ten UKC Cane Corsos (final):

01. URO1 CA GRCH Massimo Di Pharaoh James A Brasier 105

02. GRCH Campodi Sogni Ginevra Christy Six, Stephanie Simpson 51

03. GRCH Cypress Arrow's Montebello James A Brasier 32

04. GRCH Boondocks Honor To The Fathers Medesta D Pigg 29

05. CH Dragonheart Necessary Evil Kathrina Ridley 16

06. URO2 GRCH Italica's Mickey Means Business Roberta Mokrisky 14

06. UWP CH Boondock's Swtr Then Sugar Medesta D Pigg 14

08. UWP CH Eminem From Fiero Orco Medesta Pigg 9

08. CH Alcorworldwide Voodoochild Cab Michelle Glasser, Rod Glasser 9

08. CH Piper Sweet Star Seven Roberta Mokrisky 9


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